The program will give you

                            the advantage you need to 

                                      protect yourself !

Lion Warriors
High School and Adult (ages 13yrs & over)


The Lion Warriors self-defence system is suitable for both men and women. The program will give you the advantage you need to protect yourself! Lion Warriors has plenty of kicking and punching, lots of pad work and classes are really safe. Classes mix in plenty of strength and conditioning work and are excellent for fun, fitness and endurance.


Adult Taekwondo


Being involved in Martial Arts is being involved in life. Great things will come from stepping out, being bold and trying something new. We teach our adults a very modern form of Taekwondo, mixing elements of Boxing, Kickoxing and circuit  training. You'll get a full body workout, and will always be striving to achieve the next level. This will keep you motivated and keep you training.


It's about being social .  It's about being healthier.


The healthier you are, the happier you are.  Being healthy affects everything, from the way you feel on the inside to the energy you have with other people.